DermLite DL3N
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EAN: 700358312731 DermLite DL3N
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DermLite DL3N


The DermLite DL3N is the latest dermatoscope in the DermLite range. This high-performance polarised light dermatoscope with a 25mm lens appeals through its high quality processing and refined appearance, as well as through its improved vascular imaging and ideal colour correction.

The examination can be easily documented with one of the many compatible digital cameras or with compatible mobile end devices. The appropriate adapter is available as an accessory.

Product details for the DermLite DL3N

  • Camera-compatible, high performance polarised light dermatoscope
  • Spacer with cover glass and 10mm scale
  • Switching from polarised to non-polarised light by briefly pressing the on/off switch
  • Exceptional colour correction
  • Reduced image distortion
  • Very detailed image
  • Improved vascular representation and representation of pigmented structures
  • Manufactured from recyclable aluminium
  • Solid long-life workmanship
  • Precision manufactured
  • Refined ergonomics
  • Elegant design
  • Quick and precise documentation of dermatoscopies thanks to the connection with a compatible camera/mobile end device
  • With rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery display on the device surface shows low battery level by changing from a green to orange light
  • With elegant charging unit - also ideal for storing the DermLite DL3N
  • 5 year warranty

Technical details for DermLite DL3N

  • 25mm lens (optical structure: 4 lenses)
  • 10-times magnification
  • 28 high performance LEDs (3mm)
  • 28mm ocular
  • Polarised light (filters out the light reflected by the skin)
  • Non-polarised light for traditional illumination microscopy with immersion liquid
  • Switch of colour temperature with the PigmentBoost mode (can be activated when required)

The DermLite DL3N polarised light dermatoscope is supplied with charging unit, hand strap, leather belt pouch and ocular.

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DermLite DL3N
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