Dental Devices

Dental Devices

Different dental devices are required in dental surgery.

In this category, we have mainly focused on thermoforming units from the Erkodent Company.Thanks to these thermoforming units, you can manufacture your own bite splints, fluoride gel trays or even bleaching trays in your dental surgery. In conjunction with Erkodur sheets, these units can produce trays of differing strength, according to need and the situation. The thermoforming units are simple and intuitive to operate. The menu navigation has a user-friendly design and can be operated even by inexperienced users. With these thermoforming units, it is also possible to make individual trays for the impression of partly-toothed or toothless jaws or for implantological treatment. The production is similar to manufacturing trays. Our blocking-out wax is ideal for closing (blocking out) the interdental spaces on plaster models. This wax fills in the intermediary spaces so the thermoforming sheet is kept out of the interdental spaces. This straightens out tapering areas and nesting, which makes the tray formation easier and less time-consuming. Thermoforming sheets, thermoforming units, blocking-out wax, plaster separators and mills for creating splints and individual trays: we supply all these articles at affordable prices in the dental devices category.

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