Erkoform-3d motion
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0 Erkoform-3d motion
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Erkoform-3d motion

The Erkoform-3d motion thermoforming unit impresses with its user-friendly, animated menu navigation and easy operation. A compressed air supply is not required. As the touchless reading of the actual temperature of the foil is performed completely independently of external influences, there is no need to pre-heat the unit. As a special feature, for example, the heating and vacuum pump can be switched on and off independently of the programme.
The 3d touch panel shows a quick guide to the required operational steps, and all Erkodent thermoforming materials are stored in the menu and can be freely selected via the touch panel. The displayed cooling times and heating temperatures can be adjusted, without affecting the basic programme. The display provides information on each programme step. The Erkoform-3d motion vacuum thermoforming unit comes with a range of accessories.

Product details:

  • Erkoform-3d motion
  • Vacuum thermoforming unit
  • Without compressed air connection
  • With contactless temperature controls
  • With pre-vacuum and touch panel
  • Automated thermoforming process
  • Medium-wave infrared heater with cover
  • Foil reception handle with cavity for good grip
  • Sensor window for temperature measurement
  • Column for movement of foil frame handle
  • Form pot for holding a granules pot, model plate or Occluform-3 model pot
  • With on-off magnet for the collection of filling granules
  • Brush with rubber cap for operating the touch panel
  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 35 x 37cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 13.1 kg
  • Sensor: Measurement range up to 240°C
  • Vacuum technique with pre-vacuum; 0.8 bar
  • Volume: < 70 db(A)
  • Power supply: 230/240, 115/100 volts, 360 watts (incl. heater)
  • Fuse: 2x T - 2A (230/240 V) or 2 x T - 4A (100/115 V)



  • Erkoform-3d Motion
  • Foil securing ring
  • Granule collection container
  • Centring plate (pre-assembled for retrofitting of Occluform device)
  • Model plate (for flat trimmed models)
  • Granule pot
  • On-off magnet red or green
  • Filling granules with rounded edges (1.8kg magnetic stainless steel granules)
  • Foil trial package
  • Power cable


For the production of thermoformed splints with an adjusted surface, we recommend the Occluform-3 (item no. 220267), the integrable occludator for the imprint of the opposing bite.

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Erkoform-3d motion
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