In the furniture category, you will find individual categories for instrument tables, chairs and stools, examination tables, lights, cabinets and operation tables for veterinary clinics, offering a wide selection in different price ranges. Our assortment also includes medical cabinets and cabinets for dressings, rubbish bins, filing cabinets and high quality examination lights, as well as positioning aids and device trolleys for veterinary clinics. In addition to the articles for equipping veterinary clinics, Praxisdienst also supplies everything you need to organise your consultation hours. Our folders and ampoule cases create order in your medical bag. You can also order a new medical case with the perfect internal organisation for all your equipment, making mobile use easier!
Our "organisational aids" include a wide range of products that make filing and organisation easier: medical file card holders, filing boxes and appropriate holders, appointment books, printers and fax machines. The "Organisation" area of the equipment and organisation category also includes all types of office supplies. Search furniture and organisation to find everything you need to equip your veterinary clinic.

Sottocategorie di Arredamento/Organizzazione

  • Cases and bags Cases and bags

    High-quality medical bags and functional medical cases are available here, as are ampoule cases and folders.

  • Office supplies Office supplies

    Find all the tools for organising a veterinary clinic, such as index cards, signs, appointment books and document racks here.

  • Practice furniture Practice furniture

    Whether tables, chairs or cages - find everything you need to furnish your practice here!

  • Miscellaneous Products Miscellaneous Products

    "Miscellaneous products" conceals important items such as waste bins, wall-mounted dispensers, positioning aids and dispensing systems!