Collapsible transport cage 64x56x61cm
Veterinaria / Arredamento/Organizzazione / Practice furniture / Cages
Art. n. 190675 Collapsible transport cage
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Collapsible transport cage

This transport cage is made of robust, galvanised metal, and is ideal as a recovery or ward cage in veterinary practices, or as a car transport cage. It has two doors to facilitate entering and exiting the cage, and a slide-in base, which can be removed and cleaned hygienically. The galvanised steel wire and cage base are robust and easy to clean/disinfect. 
Product details
  • Transport cage for animals, collapsible
  • Suitable for transport, as a ward cage, during the recovery phase or following surgery
  • Made of robust, galvanised steel wire
  • 2 doors: one on the long side and one on the short side
  • Secure lock
  • Removable, easy-to-clean cage base
  • Transport cage is easy to disinfect
  • With a practical carrying handle
As the collapsible transport cage can be folded up in a matter of seconds and in a few simple steps to save space, it is also suitable for small practice rooms and practices that do not always accept pets for monitoring. 
As animals are often nervous and restless in cages following procedures, we recommend that you use the transport cage 
in conjunction with the cage cover (item no. 190731).
Domande poste frequentemente
What can the collapsible transport cage be used for?

The cage can be used to transport animals in a car, as a recovery or ward cage, or as a resting box.

How practical is the transport cage in daily use? 

This box can be used daily without problem:

  • Depending on the size, it has two doors so that animals can enter/exit easily.
  • The base is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Covers are available separately for the animal cages, to protect the animal in the cage from external stimuli.
  • The box can be locked securely.
How can the transport cage be stored when not in use?

After cleaning and disinfection, the cage can be folded away to save space.

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Collapsible transport cage
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