The animal injections section includes several areas for which a variety of products are available:


- Infusions

- Hypodermic needles

- Injections

- Blood collection

Praxisdienst-VET supplies different injection equipment, such as infusion sets, hypodermic needles, disposable syringes, tourniquets and sharps containers in a constantly increasing number of variants from different well-known manufacturers. So you can meet your requirements efficiently and economically, Praxisdienst-VET provides most of the consumables in these categories in boxes of 100 units. You have another chance to save when you buy injection equipment in whole storage boxes: Praxisdienst-VET frequently offers the option of purchasing large quantities of injection equipment at discounted bulk buy prices!
You can find other useful instruments for injections, such as secure containers and ampoule openers in the Other Articles section. These health-protection instruments are available in different models and sizes at our customary fair prices.

Discover the wide range of Praxisdienst-VET, in particular for animal injections!

Sottocategorie di Injections

  • Infusions/Transfusions Infusions/Transfusions

    Infusion stands, infusion solutions and the necessary instruments are presented here, as are the instruments for blood transfusions.

  • Needles Needles

    Praxisdienst-VET offers hypodermic needles for veterinary medicine in clear subcategories. Select different the types of needles you need and order them conveniently online!

  • Syringes Syringes

    Injections: drenchers, disposable and reusable syringes, jet injectors and vaccination guns are available in this category. Order the syringes you need here!

  • Blood Collection Blood Collection

    Vets can order the necessary tools for blood collection, such as blood tubes and tourniquets, from the blood collection category.

  • Miscellaneous Products Miscellaneous Products

    Other products for injections, such as sharps containers and ampoule openers, are available here.