The laboratory equipment category offers veterinary surgeons a wide selection of high quality laboratory articles for veterinary practices and clinics. Find everything you need here: laboratory devices, tests, consumables and carriers. Do you need blood analysis devices? Microscopes or centrifuges? Praxisdienst-VET - your supplier for veterinary equipment offers a wide range of laboratory equipment from well-known manufacturers at affordable prices - for your practice and the health of your patients!
The laboratory equipment category includes a wide variety of products for veterinary clinics: Digital timers for performing tests, laboratory scales for weighing tablets and powders, centrifuges for small and large numbers of samples and the appropriate centrifuge tubes, as well as all kinds of consumables. Alcohol swabs, wooden spatulas, kidney dishes and urine beakers.
Purchase your laboratory equipment at very good prices from Praxisdienst-VET. You will find the products of your choice here at affordable prices – and sometimes even at a discounted bulk buy prices.

Sottocategorie di Laboratorio

  • Laboratory devices Laboratory devices

    This category contains modern laboratory devices specifically for veterinarians and animal healthcare practitioners. As well as analysis instruments, you will also find scales here.

  • Slides Slides

    Find agar plates, slides and smear utensils for use in veterinary laboratories here.

  • Tests Tests

    Urine test strips, solutions and test strips for analysis instruments: you will find a well-sorted and clearly laid-out range of tests here.

  • Consumables Consumables

    In this category, Praxisdienst-VET offers medical consumables, i.e. urine beakers, kidney dishes, lancets, alcohol swabs and wooden tongue depressors in a range of designs, colours and shapes.

  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

    Other products for laboratories, such as tablet splitters and laboratory vessels, are available here.