A wide variety of medical instruments are manufactured for veterinary medicine: instruments for veterinary dentists, instrument sets for wound care, skin punches and disposable surgical instruments for veterinary surgery are only a few of the articles supplied by Praxisdienst-VET. As well as the products listed above, this category includes surgical equipment, care utensils and acupuncture instruments.

Medical instruments are produced as disposable products and as reusable products made from high quality stainless steel. Disposable instruments are made from brushed steel or glass fibre-reinforced high-performance polymer and are individually sealed in a sterile environment. This process makes preparation easy and means that the medical instruments are immediately ready for use. Saving on preparation time is a real economic advantage for veterinary clinics.

Praxisdienst-VET supplies more than just surgical equipment. You can also find dressings, hygiene equipment, furniture and medical technology!

Sottocategorie di Strumenti

  • Sets Sets

    Economical sets of disposable instruments and consumables. With them, you are quickly ready for action, both mobile and in the practice!

  • Treatment and care Treatment and care

    Great products for the most diverse areas of animal healthcare: clippers, inhalers, curry combs, muzzles and acupuncture needles are available here.

  • Odontoiatria Odontoiatria

    A wide range of instruments specifically for veterinary dentists are available here at attractive prices.

  • Instruments Instruments

    Forceps, scissors, thumb forceps, needle holders and reflex hammers are just a few of the subcategories offered here.

  • Surgery supplies Surgery supplies

    You'll find everything for surgery in this category: disposable razors, secretion aspirators, catheters, skin punches and instrument trays.