schülke perform 60 x 40g Dosierbeutel
Medicina / Igiene / Disinfezione
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EAN: 04032651223046 schülke perform
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schülke perform

schülke perform is a powder disinfectant with good cleaning qualities that is notable for its broad spectrum of activity and good environmental behaviour. The disinfectant, which acts on the basis of active oxygen, does not cause contamination of the ambient air and can be used even on sensitive materials such as acrylics. schülke is tested both to the latest Norovirus testing methods and to current Euro standards.

Product details

  • schülke perform surface disinfection
  • Surface disinfectant concentrate based on active oxygen.
  • Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting medical devices and surfaces of all kinds
  • Very good compatibility with materials
  • Good cleaning characteristics
  • Extremely broad spectrum of activity
  • RKI listed and tested in adherence to Euro standards
  • Practical packaging and low dosage with 40g sachets
  • No pollution of the indoor air due to its oxygen activity

Activity spectrum

  • Bacteria (including TB)
  • Fungi
  • Viruses (adenovirus, hepatitis B, HIV, Norovirus, polio virus, polyoma SV 40, rotavirus, vaccinia)
  • Spores

Applications of schülke perform

To clean and disinfect surfaces of all types, and medical devices. Suitable for risky areas, such as premature infant stations, due to its broad activity and very good environmental behaviour. Thanks to the good material compatibility, schülke perform can also be used for disinfecting acrylic glass. Also suitable for disinfecting medical models, respiratory protection and inhalation masks.

Delivery contents: 60 sachets @ 40g schülke perform surface disinfectant powder

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information prior to use.

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schülke perform
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